Honda CR-V - My Best Friend.

The story of my 2009 Honda CR-V.

13w ago

In 2009, when I was eight years old, my parents called me out of the house to show me what they had bought. Parked in front of me was a big (I was a small kid) black Honda CR-V. I still remember how astonished I was, looking at that car. My dad had a company car at that point but this was our own. I remember getting inside and sitting on the seats which still had the plastic covering on it. I remember the new car smell it had.

Fast forward, 10 years later, I got my license and I took the CR-V out for a drive and it was fantastic. You might think it's a slow car, that it's big and boring, but what I saw was a friend, a friend that has been with me since I was just a kid. I still cherish the feeling of sitting in the front seat for the first time, all the times my dad used to pick me up from school in that car. Even when I drove it, it took me everywhere. I would still be using the train if it hadn't been for my friend.

As it got old, we decided to sell it. Selling the car was like having your best friend move away from you. A best friend that you will never see again. It wasn't the fastest car but it had character, it was very reliable. I really will miss it.

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Comments (2)

  • This is exactly how I felt about my 2009 Honda Civic that my mom got when I was 10. It was the most reliable thing in the world and selling it this summer brought a tear to my eye.

      2 months ago
  • To those who love cars, they are much more than machines and we bond with them like real friends.

      2 months ago