Honda CR-X SiR prior to leaving Torque GT...

Christmas has come early for the Honda aficionados today!

2y ago

The CR-X is a firm favourite among Honda fans due to it's sweet handling. The JDM only SiR is the stand out model with the zingy 1600cc high revving VTEC powerplant and it's sub tonne curb weight!

This particular SiR was picked up by our team in Japan due to its originality, very low mileage, the rare option glass top roof and most importantly its superb condition. It's far from easy to find a good example CR-X with even one of these listed attributes. This little gem has it all finished in Torino Red pearl!

Heading to our good friends across the pond King Motorsports Unlimited.

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Comments (2)


    This Is Beautiful!!

    I Have A Weakness For CRX's

    I Own One :D

      2 years ago
  • Such a thing of beauty.

      2 years ago