Honda files patent for autonomous delivery robot

And it might just be the coolest thing the Japanese manufacturer has come up with in recent years.

5w ago

Honda is a Japanese company which is best known for building cheap and reliable cars. However, the manufacturer has just filed a patent for an autonomous electric delivery system.

According to the patent, the robot is an “unmanned delivery system that delivers baggage using an autonomous mobile device. Baggage is put in and taken out from a side surface of the autonomous mobile device, which may be convenient for users."

Though it is smaller than a delivery van, it isn’t as tiny as you would think as proven by the following images:

It is however large enough to transport most packages from door to door. Honda hasn’t mentioned whether the robot will have some form of lock, though one would assume it does otherwise the goods inside the robot would almost undoubtedly be stolen.

The patent shows that there are screens on the device - either liquid crystal or electroluminescent - which can display information. There’s nothing to say what it would display but it’s most probably something to assist the customer in finding their package within the robot.

One major drawback however is the requirement of a receiver as the robot does not have the ability to unload things by itself meaning customers must be at home when the robot arrives.

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