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Honda Fit Generation 3

If Zimbabweans call the second generation Honda Fit the "new shape" then what do we call this 3rd generation? Suggestions are welcome in the Comments.

In true Honda Fit fashion, the third generation has begun flooding our Zimbabwean roads as of late, in various trim levels from different markets across the world. What remains the same from all variants however is the classic Fit recipe which has only been improved upon in this generation.

So what is the 'Fit recipe'?

It is great affordablity, reliablity, fuel efficiency and of course space for more than double the expected passenger occupancy.

Initially released in 2013, here is what you need to know about Generation 3 of the FIT family.


2014 Honda Fit

2014 Honda Fit

Exterior: There is no confusing this car for anything else. It is definitely a Fit and compared to its predecessor it looks much more modern and in my opinion better. This is aided by a redesigned angular front facia, a bold shoulder line crease which runs the length of the car, and a striking rear end, characterised by the distinct large LED lights.

2014 Honda Fit Magic seat interior and dashboard design

2014 Honda Fit Magic seat interior and dashboard design

Interior: Step inside and you’ll feel right at home if you have ever been in a Honda Fit before, which lets be honest, most of us Zimbabweans have. The only difference here is that it looks and feels more modern thanks in large part to the upgraded centre screen and overall interior design. The fuel tank is still located under the front seats which means there is plenty legroom for backseat passengers.

But wait, there is more... 12cm more legroom to be exact. It also comes with more than 135Litres of extra passenger volume compared to the second generation so you can expect to squeeze in one or two more passengers if you decide to turn your Fit into a Zimbabwean style taxi a.k.a 'mushikashika'. This third generation like Fits before it comes with Honda’s Magic Seats which means you can fold the back seats up like cinema chairs, allowing you to carry tall items upright like bikes, or potted plants.

How it drives

Gen 3 Honda Fit engine bay and exterior

Gen 3 Honda Fit engine bay and exterior

The Honda Fit comes in many configurations from 1.2Litre to 1.5Litre petrol, diesel or hybrid engines/power units combined with manual or automatic transmissions. Which ever one you choose, you are guaranteed of a proper Fit experience. It is not inherently exciting to drive, though it is forgiven because it was never meant to be in the first place. It is purely a functional budget car. The ride is somewhat stiff and acceleration is moderate though whichever way you choose to drive it, fuel consumption is never devastating.


This is of course dependant on mileage, engine size and your negotiation skills. On average at the time of this write-up, you should expect an asking price of $9000USD in Zimbabwe for a decent example.

Final Thoughts

Gen 3 Honda Fit Hybrid next to Gen 2 Honda Fit Hybrid

Gen 3 Honda Fit Hybrid next to Gen 2 Honda Fit Hybrid

There is a good reason why the Fit is one of, if not the most popular cars in Zimbabwe. It is a great tool, to help you get from A to B, all the way to Z and back again on one tank of fuel. The difference with this 3rd generation compared to its predecessors is that it looks much better, has more space, is more efficient and feels much better to drive and be driven in.

If you are a first time car buyer or looking to spend the least amount of money on a car newer than 2013, then this car is FIT for you (see what I did there?).

Written by: Tinotenda Nyakudzuka (Co-founder of Z-CarCulture)

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