Honda has finally revealed the price of the ‘e’

1w ago


With VW’s ID.3 and the Porsche Taycan, the Honda e has fallen into the background of the electric vehicle market in the past few weeks. However, this week, the Japanese marque finally revealed the little EV’s price – and it’s not much of a surprise.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Honda e is a small, all-electric city hatchback designed to get urban drivers more interested in zero emissions mobility. It comes as standard with a modest rear-wheel drive, 35.5kWh electric drivetrain producing 134hp. This package gives drivers 137 miles – or 220km – of range on a full charge.

Along with the neat drivetrain comes a rather tech-heavy display inside the cabin. The Honda e’s dashboard is completely covered in screens dedicated to a variety of uses from rear view mirrors, to basic infotainment functionality.

At £26,160, the Honda e seems to represent decent value for money in the electric market. However, compared to its fossil fuelled rivals such as the VW Polo, Renault Twingo and Audi A1, it doesn’t do much for enticing drivers towards the electric market. In fact, all these options cost around the £15,000 mark.

Finally, if 134hp isn’t enough for your power-hungry lifestyle, Honda will add an extra 18hp for ‘just’ £2,500 more making for a total of £28,660 for the “Advance” version.

Although the Honda e is a very good looking car with styling that harks back to the 1960s, I would have to say that the price has seriously turned me away. Despite our need to make the switch to zero emission cars, it doesn't make sense for small car owners at this point in the technology's timeline. And this is coming from a firm believer in electric mobility.

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