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Simple, effective and great looking, everyone should be happy behind the wheel of the new Honda HR-V, if they manage to do one single thing…

8w ago

Usually, cars have clear advantages and disadvantages: great chassis but firm ride, lots of power but bad consumption, comfortable but lacks dynamism… And then, there is the new Honda HR-V, which is superbly average. Let me explain.

The chassis, for example, is well balanced, almost sporty, while still being soft and comfy. The steering is not that communicative but it’s quick and precise. Infotainment system isn’t pretty but it’s very easy to use, has all the connectivity you need and physical buttons for the climate control. Even the most basic version is well equipped. So, seems like everyone could get one and should be more than happy with it, right? Well, almost.

The engine is a Atkinson hybrid specially developed by Honda and called e:HEV. It’s complicated but works great. Thanks to it, the HR-V moves a lot on its battery. The problem is the Atkinson part. Like every engine of its kind, when the accelerator is pushed too hard, the 4-cylinder goes wild, screams but doesn’t make the car move any faster. Not nice.

Hopefully, by being more delicate, it’s linear, quiet and frugal. Oh, and do you recall the old HR-V? Looking at this one, me neither. I think Honda made a killer job, and not only with the design. The HR-V has something for everyone, as long as you're gentle with the throttle.

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