Honda is bringing a very exciting bunch of cars to SEMA

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This year marks the 60th anniversary of Honda in America. Honda has decided to celebrate this occasion by bringing 10 exciting cars for its SEMA stand. These cars show us the company's history from early '60s to present day. Let's take a look at the most exciting cars at the Honda stand.

‘Outlaw’ S800 Coupe

What you are seeing above is the glimpse of the very exciting Outlaw-style S800 Coupe by actor and producer Daniel Wu. Wu has not changed the core of the car and has kept its outstanding high-revving engine. The new additions to the car are the exhaust system, standard S800 steel wheels widened by Toyo tires and of course, the nerve tingling Outlaw body kit featuring those massive wheel arches and a spoiler.

Honda N600 fitted with a VFR 800 Motorcycle Engine

Just 3 days ago, we reported that this mind-boggling Honda N600 is coming to spruce up SEMA with its 12,000 rpm red line and motorcycle engine. Read about it by clicking on the link below.

Civic Si Drift Car by Jeanneret Racing and Olson Kustom Works

Who saw the 10th-generation Honda Civic Si as a tyre smoke producing monster? Well Jeanneret Racing and Olson Kustom Works did see it like that and tuned its 4-cylinder engine to produce 926bhp. Of course, this is rear wheel drive. This will try and make its mark in the Formula Drift series.

1999 Honda Civic Si project for Super Street magazine

The 1999 Honda Civic is the favourite Honda of many and Super Street Magazine is no exception. What you are seeing here is a brilliant Civic fitted with a heart wrenching body kit, tons of decals, a nitrous tank, and a Momo steering wheel and racing seats. 'Good Lord'

Chevrolet Apache pickup truck

Don't get confused, we are still talking about Honda here. This Chevy truck is here because this truck was used to sell motorcycles back when Honda was selling motorcycles. For SEMA, this has truck has been painted with red pinstripe and the Honda logo. Nostalgia index is also boosted by the 1965 Honda CB160 and CB77 Super Hawk in its bed.

Which of these cars excite you the most? Let me know in the comments

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  • WTF Honda, where the next S2K replacement for the 60TH??? Love the S800 outlaw, but come one already!!! Yes I am mildly upset they haven't come up with anything for a production celebration...

    11 days ago
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  • I'll take the S800 thank you very much!

    11 days ago
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