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Is Honda finally becoming an interesting car company again? With cars such as the NSX, Civic Type R and the S660, Honda makes cool cars but, what they need is a cool small car to be sold outside of Japan.

Currently in the UK, Honda sells the Jazz, Civic, HR-V, CR-V and the NSX. The Civic and NSX aside, the line-up is just a bit dreary.

At the most recent Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda had a little concept car called the Urban EV. Physically, the car is externally smaller than the Jazz but manages to pack an EV powertrain and a decent sized interior. The car itself just looks really good too.

Honda has been working on a flexible EV platform for a few years now, previewed on the Jazz EV from a few years back. Bizarrely, Europe is getting this small EV before Japan, with production starting in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

There is even more good news from Honda too. The production version of the Urban EV’s exterior will look almost identical to the concept with the exception of adding key features such as side mirrors, thicker pillars, normal doors (booo) and smaller wheels. This basically means that the 1970s inspired exterior won’t change too much. No word has been said about the interior of the production version but I do hope that it stays loyal to the concept as it does look like a nice place to sit in.

No technical specs have been said by Honda to avoid rival manufactures finding out about things like range, power etc. Hopefully, the range should be somewhere between 100-200 miles due to the size of the car and the intended environment the car will be in.

Let’s hope it’s going to be vaguely affordable when the production version arrives in a few years.