Honda is pregnant!

Congratulations to Honda and General Motors on the great news!

It is thanks to Kieran Bicknell that was I informed of this fantastic news, so thanks to you for that Kieran.

It is a marriage that one wouldn't have exactly anticipated probably. In April of 2020 Honda and General Motors tied the knot and are now having an electric child together! (Don't even ask how that happened). Today I wanna show off a bit of premature love for the unborn child who's gender appears to be 'some sort of SUV that's bigger than a crossover but idk if it's range rover size right now'.

As for names, it is still pretty early to name an unborn child.....but even weirder than Musk's AE-X-whatever-it-was he was such an idiot is the name so far for this soon-to-be-car.

"E-SUV-Concept". Production name obviously won't be this....although......don't quote me on that just yet.

Anyway that's not too important, because I'm here to point something out which I would never have expected from a collaberation project between Honda and GM of all the brands....


I L O V E what they have given us to date. Have a look at this gallery of the car in that beautifulllllll blueeeee.

It gives a sort of simplistic vibe, which as you may know is a subject I have been quite out-there on. Because people often look at simplicity as futuristic, and I see that myself it's just it also brings out blandess and unoriginality if not done well. Here however, there is no fear. This electric SUV is madly shaped and confidently beautiful. All they have to do now is nail the rest of it....................easy...............


Other info we already know is that starting prices are 26,000 pounds (sterling), and Autocar expect more than 151bhp as standard, so sounds good! And most importantly with EVs, we can hope for the 300mile range that rivals cars like the Ariya.

Finally an EV SUV to look forward to seeing in action so far, I like what I've heard, but mainly what I see of course. Because we eat with out eyes as Richard Hammond once said..... not that I think we're planning on eating it..... but maybe you get what I mean.

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