Honda may have made the NSX that we've been waiting for...

Sunny Lam posted in Jdm

20w ago


The Honda NSX has always caused a bit of an argument in the DriveTribe office, there are people like Tim Rodie and Darren Cassey who seriously adore the NSX, because of the effortless acceleration and the hybridity, which nobody in the supercar market offers these days apart from the really high-end hypercars like the Porsche 918.

Then there's me and my few mates, who have always thought the NSX should not be that fat, should not have hybrid power and should not be developed in America. We think that Honda is ruining the NSX name by calling that GT car an NSX. An NSX should be nice to drive round the bends, but according to journalists and racing drivers who've driven it, it's a bit of a let-down.

However, Honda may have come up with a solution which solves both problems. The NSX will keep it's hybrid power, maybe gain a few more horses, and lose that unnecessary weight, like we gangs all think the NSX should have been at the first place.

Credit: Keiichi Tsuchiya's Twitter

Last week, Keiichi Tsuchiya, the head of development at Modulo, Honda's in-house tuning company, also better known as the Drift King, replied to a tweet with this photo on it. It clearly shows the words 'NSX S-Zero' and a yellow, more aggressive looking NSX. Of course none of us in the office know how to read Japanese, so we're guessing that Honda has done what it's supposed to do, and made a faster NSX.

Our guesses aren't without proof, you see Honda/Acrua has always toyed with the idea of making a faster NSX, much like in the olden days, where you have the NSX-R. In fact, a couple of louder and lowered NSXs have been spied on the 'Ring last year, so we might be onto something here.

Spec wise, there have been several rumours floating around the Net already, so power should be up to over 600bhp, much of the body would be made of carbon fibre this time, as it's going to be heavily inspired by the NSX GT3 race car. There are also patents of a new front air dam and a grille for the NSX which is not on the NSX currently, so they might go on as well.

For the rear of the car, it's going to stay mostly the same as the current model, only with a bigger wing that harks back to the original NSX Type R from the nineties and the NA2 NSX-R from 2002. Colour wise, most likely it's going to have the Champion White that we've seen on fast Hondas of old.

Of course, we're just pure guessing at this stage, but with patents and a magazine proving our points, Honda may be coming out with a new and much improved NSX in 2020, which is going to at least be what the NSX should have been at the first place.