- Imagine taking this sand dune drag racing. (image credit: Snailed Performance)

Honda N600 transformed into a dune-bashing off-roader

5w ago


Have you ever looked at a Kei car and thought, this would be great for off-roading?

Hai Tran, from Idaho, USA saw potential in a 1970 Honda N600 and whacked the body on top of a dune buggy.

The chassis is a Polaris RZR X9 900, which uses an 875cc two-cylinder connected to a two-speed auto, with an on-demand all-wheel drive system.

Compared to the Honda’s original 598cc engine that made 34kW, the Polaris unit produces 66kW, nothing neck-breaking, but enough to get the “Polonda” grooving.

This Honda is jacked up on something. (image credit: Snailed Performance)

On the outside, there’s fender flares, a front bumper bar, mud terrain tyres and plenty of patina.

The project isn’t finished yet, as there are a handful of missing parts, but Tran has plans to make it street legal and maybe even add a turbo.

What would you put on a Polaris chassis? Let us know in the comments.

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