Honda S600 Sleeper hides a secret

A Honda S600 isn't known for its performance prowess, but this one in the build at Maztech has a secret hiding underneath.

When we visited Maztech in Melbourne, we spied a little S600 that looked like it was getting tidied up and re-sprayed. The bonnet bulge made us a little bit suss and on closer inspection inside the window we saw some metalwork around the rear guards and a custom fuel tank. All of which took a keen eye that most wouldn't notice. We asked if we could look under the hood......

Yep, a Honda S2000 engine with aftermarket headers and custom exhaust as well as quad throttle bodies. Power is just under 200kW at the rear wheels but it doesn't weigh much over 700kg, so will be a very quick car, especially with the the close gearing of the 6-speed S2000 gearbox.

It got even crazier when we had the chance to look underneath while on a hoist. Chassis extenders, custom 4-link rear suspension with upgraded diff, watts link and shocks. Also big brakes and a whole lot of awesome fab work. It was a work of art underneath!

The car should be painted and on the road in the next few months and we're hoping we can get a drive of this little pocket rocket sleeper!

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  • Awesome read, Really enjoy a good motor swap right. 🤟

      2 years ago