- From the GT500 event at Suzuka


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It is official after many rumours and ramblings as well as a super secret test at Motegi no one was meant to know about Honda are going front engined in Super GT. Up in till now they have been running their mid-engined Honda NSX but have had to take an additional weight penalty to run it as the Super GT rules state that the GT500's must be front engined, But GTA allowed them to use it if they take a weight penalty. But as this year Super GT adopts the class one Regulations they have had to make the switch to Front engined. The mid-engined version brought Honda Varied success with it joining the series in 2015 and winning the championship with Naoki Yamamoto and Jenson Button in 2018.

A prototype front engined car seen testing at Motegi

Earlier in the year Honda was spotted testing a prototype version of the NSX at Motegi which sparked the rumours of weather Honda will go or front engined or not and leading people to believe they'll continue to remain mid-engined but as Super GT adopts the class one regulations that DTM also run the change had to be made and it was confirmed on the 11th of September that they will go front engined for 2020.

the front engined version shown at the GT500 event held at Suzuka

It will be interesting to see how the front engined version fairs next season against its other front engined rivals Toyota and Nissan. Maybe it will be a season of development for Honda and for Toyota as well who have swapped to a new car all together, The Supra. So I think its fair to say its an early advantage for Nissan for 2020 as they fight to reclaim the title.

What do you think of the Front engined NSX and How do you think it will fair?

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