Honda Unveils The e:concept, An Electric SUV

The e:concept previews an electric SUV for China.

3w ago


Key Points:

1. Honda released images of a new electric SUV that was unveiled at the Beijing auto show.

2. It's called the e:concept, and will likely only be available in China.

3. Currently, only a few details are known.


Honda is looking to expand its electric vehicle lineup, starting in China with this new SUV e:concept. As far as design, it has two doors, but will likely be produced with 4 and should carry 5 people. The front-end has no grille, similar to other EVs, and has plastic exterior trim that runs the length of the vehicle. Overall, the styling is extremely rounded, and resembles the Volkswagen ID.4 concept's styling. All we know is that it's powered by electricity - horsepower numbers, battery size, and pricing are all unknown.

Just China?

We'll see - this new electric SUV could be a product of the Honda-General Motors partnership, meaning it could arrive in the U.S. at some point. Honda has said that they will use some GM platforms and battery technology on their vehicles.


We don't know much about this new SUV yet, but more information is definitely to come. I'm not a fan of its styling, but a 4 door version should be a good move for Honda.



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Comments (3)

  • At least they didn’t call it the e-tron🧐

      26 days ago
  • looks like a mach-e

      26 days ago
  • it was about time, honda

      26 days ago


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