Honda Urban EV revealed – Civic inspired retro city-car will arrive in 2019

1y ago


Amongst the multitude of cars to be unveiled at Frankfurt today, this little Honda concept has to be one of our favourites. Say hello to the amazing looking Honda Urban EV concept.

Believe it or not, this tiny retro looking Honda will become a reality by 2019 despite looking like a mere styling, design and technology exercise of the Honda’s of the near future. Honda Motor Co. President and CEO, Takahiro Hachigo confirmed “This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019,” which makes us very excited indeed.

Why are we happy that this small city car will become a reality? For starters when was the last time you saw something this retro styled with such stunning visuals, its a tiny hunkered down hatchback that captures the retro greatness of the original Civic near perfectly.

At the front you get an LED Honda logo paired with rounded retro headlights, the way they are recessed and slightly obscured by the bonnet line is stunning. On the sides, this tiny car features flared arches with massive wheels reminiscent of the Alpina rims of old.

Add this to the reverse hinged doors and another small LED charge indicator in the lower rear quarter, and it all looks immense. At the back, it’s a similar story with a pair of clean looking LED lights and a further illuminated Honda logo.

The minimalist look continues on the inside with the central point being that massive screen on the dashboard with a fantastic single spoke squared off the steering wheel. The rest of the interior includes a one piece bench style seating arrangment in the front and rear with additional screens located on the door inserts.

With this design, Honda has produced something so clean and free of clutter that when you combine it with the mass of retro styling cues, it just becomes something both unique and stunning looking.

While the Urban EV is intended to be an all out electric car with a yet to be confirmed powertrain, just think of one of these with the 100hp 1.3-litre motor from the Jazz. As it could be a thing of resto-modded greatness.

Do you think that the Urban EV is a good move for Honda? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.