Honda's bonkers lawnmower takes on a race track and it's glorious

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Brands Hatch race circuit has housed a variety of wonderful vehicles over the years, from touring cars, supercars, superbikes and many more. Honda has treated fans of the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) finale this year to something rather special. Meet the Honda Mean Mower V2.

So much want

Honda’s partner in the BTCC, Team Dynamics has created a lawnmower that's capable of reaching 150 MPH, because why not? Powering this lawnmower is the same 999cc four-cylinder engine that you'll find in the Fireblade SP motorcycle. This produces a whopping 190 horsepower, which is an awful lot in something that weighs as much as a garden gnome.

The Mean Mower has a power to weight ratio of 1000hp/tonne

The V2 has the same looks and cutting abilities of a Honda HF 2622 lawn tractor, and so unaware spectators were left in awe as it shot off the line faster than a fast thing.

The Mean Mower has been built to showcase Honda's vast product range, and to further reinforce its reputation as a truly innovative brand.

If you say you don't want one, you're obviously lying to yourself

“What an incredible experience! It may not be the traditional way to drive a lap of Brands Hatch, but at the wheel of the Mean Mower V2 it is a lap like no other. It doesn’t take long to discover just how much motorsport DNA has been incorporated into the Mean Mower V2 to create a machine that feels equally as capable of rapid lap times as it does simply cutting the lawn. It’s a genuine – and spectacular – measure of Honda’s ability to utilise its wide-ranging skills for products that are fun whilst continuing to push technological boundaries. I only wish I could have completed more laps!” - Jess Hawkins, professional racing driver.

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