Honda's plucky 2021 N-One has received the Mugen treatment

Kei cars are always cool, but now the N-One is even cooler!

6w ago

The Kei car is a Japanese icon. With diminutive proportions, small-capacity engines and striking looks, they're unlike anything else that you'll see on the road.

But, what if you took it one step further? Well, Mugen is here to answer that question, after they released a whole host of upgrade parts and trims for the 2021 Honda N-One.

One the outside, Mugen has created a unique front chin spoiler, which handily attaches to the N-One's standard front bumper and (from what we know) requires no modification to fit. There is also a set of unique forged Aluminium wheels, which not only look great but also benefit performance by reducing the unsprung mass of the car due to their lighter weight than the stock wheels.

Alongside the chin spoiler and wheels, there are also a set of new Mugen side skirts to increase the presence of the N-One's side profile, along with a gurney flap-style spoiler extension.

Mugen have also fettled the performance of the car. While the stock 63hp 660cc engine remains, there is now a custom exhaust system for the N-One available, with a choice of carbon fibre, titanium or stainless steel tips. There is also a 'high performance' air filter, along with various engine bay dress-up parts.

Inside, there are new Mugen floor mats, pedals, shift knobs and plenty of badges and stickers available for both the interior and exterior of the car.

While its certainly not powerful, the N-One's boxy charm and unique Kei Car design is sure to endear to plenty of fans, both in Japan and across the globe.

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  • Looks like Iā€™d be fun to drive.

      1 month ago
  • Iā€™d go with the Spoon version.

      1 month ago
  • Kei car 'kool'. šŸ˜ŽšŸ‘Œ

      1 month ago