Honda's vehicles are awesome, and I'm not talking about cars

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To start, I'm a former Honda Accord owner. I'm a fan of the brand and Honda has made quality products for as long as I've been alive, and longer (I'm 35). The new resurgence of the Civic Type R and new NSX has brought the car side of the brand some serious cred in the street performance world. I've driven both and they are bonkers.

But full transparency here, I've never been into anything else they offer. That's not because I dislike their offerings, I just never had a reason to look before. Turns out Honda's offerings outside of the car realm are just as good as their cars. In fact, I grew up watching super- and moto-cross on ESPN when Jeremy McGrath was dominating the sport and was sort of into motorcycles. I recently had a flashback of this when I saw a JM YouTube video and started to look up some random products and came across Honda's offerings.

Here are a few I've been looking at recently.

Honda CRF250R

The entire Honda CRF lineup looks amazing and I would imagine it performs as such as well. However, the one that's closest to my heart with the aforementioned McGrath love is the CRF250R. To me, and in my supremely non-expert opinion, this feels like the spiritual successor to the CR250 McGrath rode.

And this newer model comes with launch control!? Seriously, a dirtbike with launch control. I love it. What doesn't come with launch control these days. I'm sure lawn mowers will eventually. Hey Honda, you make those. How about a ride on with a 0-60 of less than 2 seconds? Oh wait, you've done that already? Nevermind.


Honda CBR650R

I used to play TONS of sport bike and racing video games. Whenever I played, I always chose the CBR from Honda if it was available in the game. I believe the CBR to be the coolest looking sport bike on the planet and with features like selectable torque control, a four-into-one exhaust, and looks similar to Marc Marquez’s Moto GP superbike, what's not to love?

Will I ever become a rider? Maybe, maybe not, but If I do the CBR would be first on my purchase list.

Talon 1000R

And you thought Polaris was the only ones that made cool 4x4s right? Wrong. Honda makes some seriously capable stuff and when in the woods doing trails, jumping over sand dunes, or just field cruising these 4x4 toys are the best thing you can find. The Talon 1000R is my pick because it's a 2-seater, has independent suspension, and a 6-speed dual clutch transmission.

Yes please, I'll take 10. Let's start a spec racing series with these!

So are these the coolest bikes/other vehicles Honda makes? Let me know below!

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