Honeymoon camping roadtrip

3y ago


- Loaded up complete with a gift for me god-daughter. We packed like we were backpacking to use the room as well as possible. We kept a cooler back in the back seat for camp food.
- Before we could "start" the trip we had to drive 5 hours from Arizona to San Clemente. I was just hoping we'd make it to the start line.
- The beginning of our roadtrip on Pacific Coast Highway in Capo Beach.
- First section of un-built coastline!
- Walking on the beach of our night 1 spot in Santa Barbara
- Looking for camp spots along a side road off PCH.
- Perfect spot
- 911 loveseat view
- It was oddly comfortable with 2 camp chair pads. The strut bar and pad acted as our backrest.
- Several things I love to wake up to.
- Now it's getting good.
- We didn't have much interest in big cities or other people on this trip. We just wanted to get lost and stay lost.
- Hitting up a KOA since all of the public campgrounds were closed for "winter."
- Beer in hand, stalking deer next to the beach.
- The turns, so many turns. I'd rally until I made her sick and then we'd take it easy.
- You have to, you just have to...
- These tree's throw your sense of scale off.
- Condor looks like a toy car
- Sneaky waves
- Walking into a painting along the Oregon Coast.
- Let's head into the mountains, what could go wrong?!
- Sure it's dangerous, but it sure is fun.
- Lake Tahoe was nice and quiet. Tonight we grab a hotel!
- Back to camping as the temps got warmer near Yosemite.
- A 911 does one thing really well, make heat. So we cruised the roads with windows and sunroof open.
- These roads are amazing and usually clogged with tourists. Not today.
- BIG trees!
- Perfection. The only traffic was a UPS truck rallying the turns faster than I'd believe possible if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.
- A bit of sadness as we pass the pinwheels of Palm Springs for the second time on our way home.
- Dirty, but happy the car did great. We didn't dare utter a word about how well it had gone until we were in site of our house.
- 2.5 Quarts of oil, 1 shattered fog light, 1 cracked headlight. That was the sum total of issues on our trip. 1 year and almost 14,000 miles later I drove it to work this morning as I do every day. What a car...

Exactly a year ago today we were headed out on our Honeymoon. 3,500 miles in a car we'd worked together all summer to make "reliable."

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Comments (8)

  • Thank you for the great story and photos!

      3 years ago
  • Who would not want a Porsche road trip honeymoon... :-) Thanks for sharing, great story and photos!

      3 years ago
  • Brilliant. This is what cars are made for.

      3 years ago
  • thanks guys, it was an epic trip. can't wait to head out for another long trip.

      3 years ago
  • - I see babymoon in your future. The babymoon is equally as important. Trust me.

      3 years ago