Hooncorp Statement Regarding... Well, All Of This.

Covid-19 Has, As You Would Expect, Put A Delay On Things.

1y ago

It is obviously gutting to know that the 24hr won't be going ahead in May, but given what has happened in the last few days, it's not an unexpected piece of news.

At Hooncorp, work has ceased for now on the various projects we had underway, including the new Pulsar build, upgrading the Commodore to it's third and most ambitious evolution to date, and really overhauling Hooncorp's branding and image.

We are also going to put on hold all of our pre-Lemons content plans that were in place, including driver announcements, update videos and other bits and pieces for the time being.

Like everyone else, our hope is that this whole thing comes right as soon as possible, but of course we recognize that it may still be weeks, if not months away before we return to normality as we knew it.

Still, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, most notably sim racing, Hooncorp can continue to have a presence! Nismonath5 Esports and Inxile Garage will be lining up on the grid of the Monkey Motorsport Club R.S.01 Trophy Round 4 tonight, and Nathan will continue to race in the FIA Gran Turismo Manufacturer Series as a privateer entry for Hooncorp and Nissan.

Stay safe everyone, and for goodness sake, stay home!!

Mike & Nathan.

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