Hoonigan's 'ShredBed' is the racer of your childhood dreams

44w ago


A few weeks ago, we discovered the guys at Hoonigan were making childhood dreams come true by creating a driveable race car bed.

Proving these manics have way too much time on their hands, the ‘ShredBed’ is everything a 10-year-old kid could want.

Underneath the Ferrari shell is a go-kart with an extended chassis, re-engineered steering wheel and lengthy pedals, so it can be driven from on top of the bed.

Powered by a 125cc race engine, it’s not something you’d actually want to sleep in.

However, as the 'mattress' is actually a couple of wood planks, covered in some padding and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheets, you would drive it like a dream rather than a nightmare.

Hoonigan plans to take the ShredBed to a race track next, where we’ll seeing if it can hit a claimed top speed of 81km/h.

Would you race AND sleep in this bed? Let us know in the comments.

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