Hooray! The Nissan 370z has just launched in a new market!

Just ignore that this car has been on sale for more than a decade though ;)

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Mention the 370z now once within the car world, even quietly and briefly, and brace yourselves with the: "THAT CAR IS SO OLD", "WHEN IS THE NEXT GENERATION COMING OUT", "THIS CAR IS A JOKE IN 2020" type of replies that has been said by almost everyone at this point.

Except Filipinos. Because Nissan has finally decided to officially bring the 370z over there at the Philippines.

Just like any other manufacturer, bringing a new car into a market as early as possible is theoretically the best choice, but with complicated obstructions set by local governments such as taxes and homologations, as well as demand from customers, especially knowing that Philippines is a fast-developing country that has changed a lot since the end of the 2000s, it could be near-impossible for Nissan to bring the Z over there at that earlier time in return for them to easily turn a profit with a healthy demand. That's why the last-generation Ford F-150 was launched there recently, as well as current R35 GT-R only going on sale there back in 2016 too.

Ok, so how much would a 370z cost there?

With the base version, 'Premium', pricing starts at ₱2,779,000 (£43k/$57k/€48k), casually step up the grades and up to the range-topper Nismo then find yourself having to cough up ₱3,888,000 (£60k/$79k/€67k).

But in return you do get a 3.7L naturally aspirated V6 with the VQ motor's famed 'wooshing' soundtrack that produces 332hp and 363Nm (268lb-ft) of torque in the normal variants that is also available with a 6-speed manual on top of the 7-speed automatic, and 339hp and 371Nm (274lb-ft) of torque in the Nismo that is auto only.

Ouch, not cheap. But hey, at least any Filipinos who were previously drooling over the Fairlady now has the chance to save money from imports and officially buy the car of their dreams.

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