Hop Onboard the 630Hp SLK340 Judd V8 in all its 11.300Rpm screaming Glory

One of the Monsters that missed most of this Season was Reto Meisel´s outrageous SLK340 Judd due to the its accident on Fito, Spain. Arguably the fastest Touring Car-based Monster in Europe, the 630Hp/780Kg screamer is something the fans have missed.

With the possibility of it coming back in a quite different spec in the future, we are releasing now this clip of it on the FIA Hillclimb Masters 2018 at Gubbio, pretty much a year ago. where it was the Fastest Touring Car of the weekend.

So sit back and enjoy the madness of watching the 3.4L Naturally Aspirated V8 Monster screaming at over 11.000Rpm in the Italian hills at some unbelievable speeds.. It might be one of the last times we might see this Monster in this configuration...

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