Hop Onboard this Mad 230Hp/9.000Rpm BMW 2002 Tii

Norbert Wimmer taking his Berg-Cup Monster to the very Limit

Norbert Wimmer participated on Cividale-Castelmonte Hillclimb with his Berg-Cup "weapon", the screaming 230Hp/9.000Rpm BMW 2002 Tii. Powered by a highly modified 8 valve M10 engine unit, it is a tremendous Rear Wheel Drive Monster, lightened to 830Kg thanks to a profound "diet" that sees this car retain from its original form just the window rubbers, and the three Pedals ( throttle, brake and clutch).

Everything else is modified or evolved in some manner to ensure that Mr. Wimmer ends up with the enormously efficient machine you see here attacking the Italian Hills at a frenetic pace. So much so that even just a small missed gear change frustrated the German driver about his whole run as you can see right at the end. But when one is beating 2018-spec TCR cars with a reimagined Classic from the 70´s, that should be the standard one should be shooting for...

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