Horizon Chase Turbo just got a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One release date

1y ago


Tis the season for retro gaming titles, what with Super Pixel Racers and now Horizon Chase Turbo taking us back to when 2D graphics were as good as it got.

Horizon Chase Turbo isn't a nod to OutRun or Lotus Turbo Challenge, it's more of a full-on head butt. But that's fine because the Aquiris-developed offering looks the part and, hopefully, plays it too, which it should because the Android and iOS predecessor was good fun.


26 cars can be driven through 48 cities and 110 tracks, each subject to changing weather conditions. Plus there are 12 championship cups to be won if you have the skills.

Horizon Chase also has a soundtrack by the chap who did Top Gear on the NES, Barry Leitch, and four-player split-screen multiplayer. You can also challenge other people around the world in the Online Competitive Ghost Mode.

Horizon Chase Turbo is already available on PC and PS4. The Nintendo Switch and Xbox One version is arriving on the 28th of November, 2018.

Those who buy it on those two consoles will have access to a new game mode called 'Playground' in addition to the other three, where live challenges will be updated regularly, plus console-specific content, details of which are still under wraps.

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  • How the hell did they get past Microsoft with the horizon name

      1 year ago