Horner against removing Friday practices

2y ago


Red Bull’s Team Principal Christian Horner doesn’t believe that eliminating Friday practices would benefit Formula 1.

Liberty Media are planning a transformation to the sport which includes the consideration of dropping Friday practice.

Although the concept is still in its embryonic stages, some have voiced their concerns about making a race weekend a two-day event, including Horner.

“Obviously they’re trying to free up space for more races,” he said.

“If there are too many chapters, a good book loses its path.

“I also think it would be a long way to come to Mexico for two days. Or Australia. And I think the Friday gives the promoter the opportunity to bring more fans into the sport.”

Horner also believes that reduction of a race weekend could hurt teams due to limited track time, in a sport where testing is already narrow.

“Perhaps it will inadvertently put more pressure back on simulations so that you’re turning up prepared to hit the road running,” he added.

“I’m not sure that’s going to be a great balancer between the teams.”

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  • I am too. Its not long since they were talking about extending the race weekend to cover Thursday too - something that wound up annoying a few Silverstone goers. Seems like quite a U-Turn

      2 years ago