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Horner: Mercedes Speed Is Suspicious

Could Mercedes Be Cheating?

14w ago

The 2021 F1 title fight can't get any more interesting. Both title contenders, Red Bull & Mercedes, have been trading wins all season long, and seems that the title fight will go down to the last lap at Abu Dhabi.

The season so far doesn't seem to be lacking any drama as both Hamilton & Verstappen have collided together twice so far. However, coming off the 2021 F1 Turkish Grand Prix, more drama surfaced as Christian Horner made it clear that Mercedes's significant straight-line speed seems suspicious.

In an interview with Sky Sports, "... their straight-line speed when the DRS is closed is more than when the DRS is open" Horner when he was asked about Mercedes speed. In addition, Christian confirmed that they have raised some questions to the FIA pertaining to Mercedes speed and hinting to foul play by the German team.

Where did Mercedes speed come from?

Mercedes are not allowed to do any performance upgrades during the season as they have used their one permitted specification change already. However, it was noticeable that Mercedes speed at Monza, Sochi, and Istanbul Park has been increased significantly. Earlier this season Mercedes admitted that they have reliability issues with their internal combustion engine which forced them to use extra engines than permitted and have Bottas & Lewis take grid penalties. Could their speed be purely because of fresh engines? Or did Mercedes introduce new components to the internal combustion engine that gave them a few extra ponies?

How will this play in the title fight?

It's worth noting, that it was Red Bull who noticed Ferrari's straight-line speed back in 2019 and raised their concerns to the FIA as well. And we all know how that ended up for the Italian team.

Could we see anything similar if Mercedes turn out to be doing any foul play with their engines? What do you think? Let us discuss this in the comments section below.

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Comments (6)

  • They might be gambling and turning the engines up. They will finish second no matter what, so they might as well try to win it before the regulation changes.

      3 months ago
  • If I’m being completely honest, props to Horner: he’s done a great job at Red Bull but whenever something goes wrong for him he’ll have a hissy fit and go and complain to the stewards.

      3 months ago
    • True, he is doing well. But thats part of the job, if you can’t beat them try to let them lose their advantage. Mercedes did it to Ferrari back in 2018 when they were battling, they complained about Ferrari’s trick of have the mirrors mounted on...

      Read more
        3 months ago
    • Exactly, it might be his job but he needs to know when to let go.

        3 months ago