Horrific Pile-Up at the "Green Hell", Nurburgring captured on helmet camera

1y ago


On Wednesday, November 1, during an open session at the Nürburgring circuit in Germany, a Porsche 911 reportedly split a coolant line, dropping litres of the slippery liquid across the track, on a particularly high speed section.

In usual competitions antifreeze is actually outlawed specifically for this reason, however being a session open to the public, such rules are not enforced.

A following driver witnessed the incident, and parked up on the right of the track, where he exited his vehicle and ran down-track to warn oncoming vehicles to slow for the approaching danger.

It has been reported that this was one of the final laps of the day, and that the flag marshal who had been stationed at this particular section of the track had left his post early. We can't help but feel that this could have all but been avoided, had a flag marshal still been present.

The harrowing video shows car after car pile into one another.

In all 14 vehicles were involved in the pile up, before track officials were able to contain the situation.

The original video, posted on Facebook by user "RE FS420" stated (translation from German) "It's not for free green hell.. you should always be able to count on some of the dangers like this here with resources on the line, just to watch the comfortably and only to ride on time is not the destination of the tourist trips! Take care!"

Two drivers were hospitalised, with one having to be cut out of his car and evacuated by helicopter.

You can watch the video for yourself here below:

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Click play above for the video showing the horrific ordeal unfold.