Hot hatch, a canadian myth

2y ago


Over the years Canada has seen a decline in "Hot Hatches" and an increase in "Crossovers". Some of the biggest automakers that have previously sold hatchbacks such as Subaru have started getting rid of the hot hatch. Subaru does not sell their WRX STI in a hatchback anymore and other automakers are following their lead.

Mercedes A-class followed a similar trend as they do not offer the A-class in Canada. Instead, Mercedes only offer their GLA crossover to Canadians as they have discovered (among other automakers) that if they raise the ride height, put bigger tires, make the car slightly bigger and call it a crossover they can't keep them in stock.

For some reason, Canadians do not perceive the hot hatch to be a suitable car for reasons such as space, harsh winters, safety, and practicability. Canadians buy small 3 door cars for fuel consumption reasons such as the Smart, Fiat 500, Nissan Micra and many others but will not purchase a 5 door vehicle.

This leaves the car enthusiast at a disadvantage as the only true hot hatch us Canadians are able to purchase is the Golf R or the Focus RS. Canadians miss out on the WRX STI, RS3, A45, and M140i.

If Canadian car enthusiasts want a hot hatch and specifically the A45, we are able to get the GLA45. This is the closest we can get to this hatchback masterpiece but do not be too discouraged, it still goes like the original.

Canada's beefed up hot hatch

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