hot hatch monday

So having been out to play in a 700 bhp Ferrari F12 i ventured across to our second site and decided to fill myself with entertainment in the form of some hot hatches

I decided to take a look around and picked out a few modern hot hatches for a quick blast about and see how they compare

s3 saloon

I started with a old favorite of mine the Audi S3 ( and yes i know this is the saloon so not technically a hot hatch ) I have been a strong believer in the Audi S3 for a long time loving its capability and combination of power mixed in with the huge grip from Audis quattro 4 wheel drive system. I find these cars very forgiving and they can make all of us feel like we have tremendous driving capabilities. This car is fitted with the s tronic or as us old fashioned people say " automatic " gearbox, and thats the one to have in my opinion the speed of the changes are almost seamless. The S3 is still the bench mark and takes some beating


if the S3 isnt enough for you then the next level is the RS3 with 380 ps and the fabulous quattro. The rs3 is supercar quick yet usable too, the big difference for me over the S3 is the noise from the 5 cylinder engine. To make full advantage of the noise you need the optional dynamic pack that allows you to open the valves in the exhaust for when you are in the mood. The RS3 is only available with the automatic s tronic gearbox which tells you how good it really is

civic type r

next i progressed to the civic type r this is a gt model so comes with the extra kit. i love the wild bold styling of this car but in truth having driven it before i chose to not bother today. i understand all the work Honda have done with the vtec yet personally i am not a fan of having to ring a cars neck and rev it like crazy to extract the power. i also prefer the four wheel drive grip of the audi and even the power delivery of the golf r

golf r

this was the first of 2 golf r models i tried today the blue car has a huge spec and again the automatic gearbox as i find it works better in them. with the golf r spec seems to be key for resale and i have seen a few around wih very few extras on this car has leather panoramic roof nav and a host of other bits that i think it would feel wrong without. The golf r drives and feels fabulous and has a solidity that you would expect and that fabulous tfsi engine

pearl white golf r

The second golf R i drove was this pearl white car and it had even more specification including dynamic chassis control and the bigger wheels i found this car to be even better in truth i have no idea how it works but what a difference it makes


Being realistic i think the car of choice is still a Audi S3 . Although i would go with this sportback model rather than a saloon. Again it seems extra spec is key. with pan roof nav etc being required

I conclude that the S3 is the best all rounder docile and normal when you need it to be yet capable of crazy speeds and grip too. I love the RS3 but dont find the extra power is required anywhere in real world or road conditions. The Honda just doesnt feel as well made and the golf R despite being good with all the required extras is just still missing the 4 wheel drive so i would seem im still an S3 man

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