Hot Hatches for the holiday season

    You may have a new passport, president or pair of shoes, but have you considered a new hatchback?

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    "That's why I got the job, apparently. I didn't dare tell her it was a loaner!"


    We spend the whole year in anticipation and then what feels like the next three months waiting in a mall parking lot for a free space. Whether or not we like the holiday season, the reality is we spend more time in our cars over this period than any other time, albeit stationary and screaming at the person in front of us to "just go, dammit! They will move!"

    One of my mother's favourite people is Alain de Botton. She is always telling me to read this book or that one, and I typically shrug my shoulders and tell her that I'm far too busy.... but on this occasion he springs to mind. Not simply because my mind has rolled onto its four hundredth topic as I drive around Westfield for the millionth time, but because of his belief that architecture you encounter has a direct impact upon your level of happiness.

    Yes, that's right. Passing by that rusty old railway bridge every day is ruining your life. Literally. Which made me wonder...if the place you live has an impact on your mental health, then why would it be any different with your car?

    Like many of you, I'm not in love with the car I drive. It's a 1997 Landcruiser Prado (diesel). It's soured even more by the fact I had to sell my dream car to get it...but that's another story. It's a good car - reliable, tough, and what I need for my lifestyle. But truth be told I resent it slightly. Because it's not a VY2 V6 Holden Commodore.

    I don't like hatchbacks as a rule. Being from New Zealand, we tend towards big saloons that can handle our gravel roads, much like our Aussie cousins. But if I wanted to be a trend-setter who attracted people, I'd own a hot hatchback.

    Whether you have the money to invest in a shiny new one, or if you're scouring the second-hand market, hatchbacks are what you need for the holiday season. They're fun, vibrant and they are quick enough to nab that space before the Toyota Estima in front of you has hit 30mph on the open road. Best of all, they make people happy. Ask my friend, Lizzie.

    Lizzie just recently was hired for a new job. The secret? Her car - well, the car she was driving. She later found out that her prospective boss had seen her arrive and made a judgement about her personality based on her car. In her mind, anybody driving a hot hatch was a happy individual who made friends easily and took joy in life. Maybe it was the curves of the car that indicated a smooth, easy-going personality, or perhaps the vibrant blue indicated confidence...either way, Liz ditched her own white Nissan Bluebird after that!

    Whether you're doing the shopping or going out of town, there's no doubt that hot hatches bring a sense of fun. So let's look at what's on offer this season. Click on the picture for a description and to find out why it may be the car for you.

    It's official; the hot hatch is still on-trend, so and grab yourself what you can. Just not a Vitz. My old boss had one of them...

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    • This is awesome I never really thought of it like that.

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