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Hot Holden!

Even though BOM said it was only 25 degrees... it ain't!

2y ago


I attended yet another car show today, however as I had a shooting schedule to work around, and this show had been postponed after some nasty weather last weekend, I was only there for an hour. I got back to my car and opened the door. Despite being 25 degrees outside, an hour in the sun made this car a very large oven. So I pulled an infrared thermometer out of my bag - the name of which would have been great if I'd learned it before I got the camera out too.

Referring to the video - the paint was 65 degrees. Compared to a silver Ford next to it at 44 degrees, and a lighter blue Yaris reading 59-60

Interior temps were mostly only marginally better but once you've watched this, you'll understand why Australians put tea towels over the steering wheel in summer.

So enjoy the vid and remember - even at 25 degrees, don't leave your kids or your pets inside your car. Ever.


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