Hot Rod: CJ's '32 Roadster

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Words: Karlee Sangster Photography: Luke Ray

Meet Clarissa. She’s 21, she lives in Tamworth and manages a jewellery store. Oh.. and she drives one of the sweetest roadsters you’ve ever seen.

Growing up around hot rods and car shows, it was inevitable that Clarissa would catch the bug. Her partner Ben Love is also part of a hot rod family and has an enviable collection of cars. What’s a girl to do?

“When I got my Ls, my parents lent me one of their hot rods, which was a Fiat Topolino,” Says Clarissa, “but the roadster is MY first car. I just got sick of always being the passenger in Ben’s Coupe so I thought it was time that I built my own hot rod, and Ben could be my passenger for a while.”

The decision to build the ’32 roadster was a tricky one. Clarissa loved the look of the A model coupes, but Ben had already beaten her to the punch. The cars built by Hollywood Hot Rods had always caught her eye and after a long deliberation period, the decision was made to build the ’32. The project began slowly in early 2009, but between collecting parts, airbagging Ben’s Apache and swapping the small block Chev for a Buick nailhead in Ben’s Coupe, it wasn’t until October that year that things really got underway.

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