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Hot Rod Icon: Model A Ford Roadster

A look at one of the most popular cars in Hot Rodding

Roadster bodies were the first cars to be Hot Rodded. Due to their lighter weight, lower center of gravity and cheaper price. In the beginning of Hot Rodding, coupes were for chickens!

Above: A pristine example. Photos from: bringatrailer.com

This body style has been Rodded countless times over the last 85+ years. Almost every conceivable combination has been constructed. When the real steel bodies became scarce and expensive, fiberglass stepped in as a new way of constructing a old favorite.

Above: A '30/'31 roadster on a '32 frame with a '32 grille shell and insert. Photo from: bringatrailer.com

Even with such a long history, the numbers of these cars being created hasn't slowed down. Every year I encounter newly built Model A roadsters and almost everyone of them has some new addition or new construction technique, that I've never seen before.

Photo from: favcars.com

Photo from: favcars.com

The quest for the perfect "A bone" is never ending.

Photo from: hotrod.com

Photo from: hotrod.com

Probably more than any other body style or year of car that's Hot Rodded the Model A roadster embodies the spirit of Hot Rodding best. The open top, fenderless, transverse spring suspension is at the very core of what Hot Rodding has always been about. That's an expression of freedom, as cliche as it is to say it. You know what they say about cliches? They are usually true. At the base of Hot Rodding is the want to express freedom, to pursue speed at any personal cost. The concept of "cool" is difficult to explain, but starting out with a Hot Rodded Model A Ford roadster is a pretty good place!

Keep on Cruisin'!

Art by: Chris Breeden

Art by: Chris Breeden

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  • Not arguing that they are a great foundation for a Rod, but I actually like them stock too.

      2 years ago