- A 1934 Ford three-window coupe. Hero image from: wallpaperup.com All other pictures as credited, text and errors by: Chris Breeden

Hot Rod Icon: The '33/'34 Ford Coupe

A look at one of the most popular cars in Hot Rodding

Following the success of the 1932 model year, Ford introduced an entirely new line up for 1933. Coming in both a 3-window and a 5-window variant, these coupes were the height of Art Deco styling. Ford had really started doing things differently. No more recycling the same old body style year after year. They recognized the need to present new styling to the consumer, as often as they could.

Above: A five-window 1934 Ford Coupe. Photos from: Hemmings Motor News

One of the most notable things about this newly designed car was the grille. Instead of just coming to a stop at the bottom, this one was fitted with a flowing design that comes to a V point at the bottom.

Above: a Hot Rod '34 3-window coupe, Photo courtesy of: hotrod.com

Of course, you can not overlook those suicide doors!

Photo from: Hemmings Motor News

Photo from: Hemmings Motor News

Hot Rodders gravitated to these cars for the same reason they did the '32 coupe. It had the flathead V8 already installed. By the 1950s, the height of the Hot Rod scene, they were cheap and plentiful.

Photo from: Street Rodder via hotrod.com

Photo from: Street Rodder via hotrod.com

Many a '33/'34 coupe was modified to run on top speed tracks and drag strips. The extreme top chop was a hallmark of the car. One that was made famous by the Peterson Brothers and the SoCal Coupes (see link below). Just like the '32 and the Model A roadster this car has become so loved that it is reproduced in fiberglass by almost a dozen different manufactures. One manufacture, Factory Five, makes a '33 roadster variant that is, truly, a work of art (see link below).

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Art: Chris Breeden

Art: Chris Breeden

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