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Hot Sixty 4th: 2020 Team Transport #18

Car culture new unlicensed truck is unveil (hotsixty4th racing car transporter)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. This one was under the 2020 mix 1 when it was released and I never saw it in stores in our area. Whether we never received the delivery or due to pandemic we will never know but I always wanted one for the wrong reason and so for my 71st post in Drivetribe and 317th total post, I present to you the Hot Wheels Team Transport '70 Plymouth Superbird and Wide Open under the Car Culture series.

So Hot Wheels had their first release of the Superbird under their mainline back in 2006 and I had none of the models in my collection except this one. Why is that? I actually don't collect Superbird as I didn't care for the pointy nose/front and the oversized wing/spoiler and for some people they may actually like it and that is why it is still in existence. So why did I buy this set. It's actually because of the truck. We will get to that later.

Of course besides the truck the one that made me want this is the livery. I love the orange and blue that represent the 76. And I love those wheels on the Superbird and the truck. I really like the look of the Slotted Real Rider wheels.

So here we have a new generic truck but what makes this on my want list? Check out the photos.

The bed comes with hump/slip stop to prevent the car from sliding when a kid or even an adult roles the truck. I love how the look of the truck is based on realism rather than fantasy. Mattel knows that it would turn off a lot of collectors. Now are you curious what this truck is based on? Ok Mattel did not say this but I would be willing to guess that If you look closely it is similar to the 1966 Dodge L600 COE and I do love vintage trucks. However I wasn't happy that Mattel did not include a functioning slide and tilt bed.

Plus it included an area on the bed to put spare race tires on it.

Like most Team Transport truck the cab and chassis are metal and the bed is plastic. I felt Mattel came out with a winner even if the truck looks a bit smaller than what the actual truck would have been in real life. This mix also comes with the Mazda 787b and RWB Porsche with their respective generic trucks.

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