Hot Sixty 4th: A Civic from the past

Rediscovering a good old Civic (hotsixty4th Civic Honda)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. After a nice haircut I decided to drop by Vons next door and see fi they happened to have any new Hot Wheels. There wasn't any at the front so I walk down all the way to the back to check and sure enough there were a lot and this one pop out for me so for my 95th post in Drivetribe and 341st total post I bring you the Honda Civic Si by Hot Wheels.

So what made this interesting for me is that there was no wild tampo on the side. Just clean and stock looking in a nicely done light blue color.

The headlights although slightly lacks in realism (I've seen better looking headlight tampo by Mattel) is still way better than a plain silver paint on it. I wish black paint was put on the grille and silver on the Honda logo but those are easy fix.

The rear have tampo on taillights and the Honda logo with the Hot Wheels word on the license plate.

Again I decided to check the interior and the front seems to actually mimic the shape of the actual dash board. The rear seems to have a sound system and no rear seats.

So the actual Civic model was produced from 1995 to 2000 so it's been a while since this model was made. On the casting itself I remembered seeing something similar that I have in my collection years ago.

And what confirms my suspicion is the copyright year on the base.

So I checked my stash and sure enough here it is.

This has tampo on the sides and on the hood so just like I mentioned on my previous post the headlights and taillights will not get the tampo treatment on a mainline. This is probably released in 2002 under the Tuner series. And as you are probably aware Mattel sometimes does a retooling of their existing casting so I decided to show them side by side and let me know if you can spot the differences.

So were they easy to spot?

If you found them, great. If you still want to check it out again to see if you can find them, do not read below this line.

Here is the answer I got from the website.

"The casting was retooled for 2021, where, like some other castings, the entire tooling was updated. Changes include the addition of side mirrors and a glass moonroof, the removal of the front passenger windows, a new bodykit with a new hood style, taller rear wing, new interior and lowered ride height. This version of the casting is noticeably shorter than the older version."

I might also add that there is a roll bar on the old casting and the rear side bumper have what looks like round shape holes on it.

Hopefully you enjoyed this brief info about this casting.

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  • Great post! I was never a big fan of this gen Civic, but these castings are great. Hot Wheels made some great improvements to the older model, I'd say. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

      2 months ago