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Hot Sixty 4th: A Collaboration from 2 continents

Schuco and Tarmac Works produces vintage VWs (hotsixty4th beetle T1)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. This is not the first time that Tarmac Works and Schuco did a collaboration but what catches my eye was the livery that was used on these vintage VW and so for my 118th post In Drivetribe and 364th total post I bring you the VW T1 Panel Van and Beetle by Schuco and Tarmac Works.

Collaboration is not a new thing in the diecast world as Hot Wheels did the same thing with clothing brand Fatlace back in 2017 with their exclusive VW Panel bus. Here we have Tarmac Works from Hong Kong and Schuco from Germany which are 2 toy manufacturers that are collaborating on another project.


One of the things collectors probably want to know is if there is a collaboration between 2 die cast company, who makes the casting. Here it was easy to identify that Schuco did the casting as Schuco does mostly European cars in which these 2 replicas are categorized. Another thing is Tarmac Works uses rivets for the chassis while Schuco uses screws.



I noticed that collaboration usually makes the castings more expensive. Take for instance the Hot Wheels VW panel van in collaboration with clothing company Fatlace which charges more and is only available thru the Fatlace website. While 1/64 Schuco cost around $14.00 - $15.00 over here in the States, these are around $19.00 or more each.


I can understand if you are a clothing company that wanted your brand name to appear in a die cast then you reach out to your die cast company of choice and collaborate with them. However if both companies that are collaborating are die cast company themselves, what exactly is the collaboration all about since these companies can create their own die cast. Is it because Schuco has the VW casting while Tarmac Works owns the rights to the livery that appeared on these replicas? These are some of the questions I have not found the answers yet.

Now it's time to explore these wonderful castings by starting with the T1.





The first time I've seen the Jagermeister livery is on a Revell of Germany plastic kit box. I like how this livery enhances the German look of this VW which is of course from Germany as well. So I became curious as to what this name stands for so I did a research and found out 2 things about it. Jägermeister is a digestif made with 56 herbs and spices. A digestif is an alcoholic drink served after a meal. Its logo of a cross between the antlers of a stag is a reference to the legend of the conversion of Saint Hubertus. It is headquartered in Wolfenbüttel, Germany.

Although I am not a big fan of lowrider, I was actually impressed with this casting due to the livery and (gasp!) low rider stance which is really unexpected. With some very cool steel wheels, lens headlights and luggage roof rack makes this a cool variant in my collection of T1 vans.

Next is the ever popular beetle with a very familiar livery.

There is no way for the vintage VW casting not to include a classic beetle. Design with also a low rider stance as a combo to the T1, this one comes not with steel wheels but with Fuchs wheels. I tried to see if there are any reference to the number 20 on the side like the #53 in 'The Love Bug' but there was none. However if you have not guess the familiar blue and orange livery then look below.

That's right. It is the color of the Gulf livery. But does the Beetle actually has the Gulf livery on it? I did not see any Gulf logo on it and there are even some that says that it is more of an inspiration rather than a actual Gulf licensed livery. So what do you guys think? Oh and this does come with lens headlights and taillights.

And these comes in clamshell with these shipping container style collectors box (which is probably a Tarmac Works idea). What makes these clamshell packs great is that they are design like the Protecto pack used on Hot Wheels that makes it easy to get in and out without the need to use a box cutter.

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