Hot Sixty 4th: A Fiery Fury

When Christine takes vengeance on her tormentors (hotsixty4th plymouth fury movie theme)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. Have you ever done something like vandalizing someone's property like a classic car just for fun? This article may make you think twice and for my 68th post in Drivetribe and 314th total post, I bring you another 1958 evil Plymouth Fury from Auto World under their Silver Screen machines series.

To learn more about Christine's beginnings see my 'Restoration' post.

You may be wondering why the Plymouth Fury is on fire. Well folks this is not for the faint of heart so read on if you dare.

Arnie, a nerdy unpopular teen finally restores the Plymouth Fury to its original glory and proudly drives it to school. When a school bully Buddy Repperton was expelled from school after a confrontation with Arnie in a shop class, he decides to teach Arnie a lesson by vandalizing his beloved Christine with the help of his gang. Arnie is devastated and determined to repair Christine but is surprised to see her quickly restore herself without his help. Unknown to Buddy and his gang Christine is no ordinary car as it has a jealous, possessive personality – and a mind of its own.

One night it seeks out the vandals and the first one was crushed in an alley. It then found the others and in the process triggering a gas station explosion that killed 2 more.

Emerging from the burning gas station in flames, Christine now seeks Buddy the leader and the last remaining vandals who is now running for his life as he is being chased by the burning Fury from hell. Wide eyed and scared he cannot believe that the burning car is still behind him and slowly gaining momentum. What happened next is, shall we say not a pleasant sight to see.

The following casting is based on the scorched and charred Christine who after accomplishing her mission rolled back to Darnell's garage.

This is the 2nd of the two new weathered Christine from Auto World and I must say that this was an excellent job. You can actually feel the textured of the charred area on the body and not just a flat surface. Even with all the grim on the window you can still see the interior if you put it close to a lamp. This is one heck of a task done by Auto World that gives a collectors a truly amazing collection without having to customize it yourself.

Oh by the way, the '58 Fury did not stay charred for long as it restores itself back the next day. So who knows, yours may do the same some day. Bwahaha!!!

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