Hot Sixty 4th: A Hakotora is in town

A makeover on a vintage truck (hotsixty4th Hakotora Nissan pickup japanesetruck)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. Just when I thought I have a good amount of knowledge about Japanese cars that I learned from websites and die cast issued by JDM companies, I might have to think again. For my 91st post in Drivetribe and 337th total post I bring you the NIssan Sunny 'Hakotora' pickup truck by Inno64.

So when it comes to popular vintage trucks here in the States, you will probably pick out something like a Chevy or a Ford. But what if someone asked you to pick a vintage Japanese truck? Can you think of one. Maybe for us collectors it would be the Nissan 620? How about something like the Nissan/Datsun Sunny? Unless you are a JDM pro you would probably scratch your head. But even if you do know would you consider that a hot vintage truck?

So why is it called Hakotora?

That name may sound familiar to you even if this is the first time you've heard of it. Does the word 'Hakosuka' sound familiar to you then? So Hakotora means "box truck", after the "box Skyline" (Hakosuka).

You're probably familiar with this look ever since Hot Wheels came out with a white racing skyline C10. That's because in 2013, 09Racing of Japan started offering a body kit to put a Skyline C10-style front body panels on a Sunny Truck.

So what does an actual Sunny truck look like?

On the left is a Sunny truck from Hot Wheels.

This is one of the goodies that I got in the mail and for me this is my very first Hakotora from Inno64 with the Advan livery, one of my favorite.

This even comes with a spoiler.

If you like a different set of wheels Inno64 included these as well.

This casting comes in acrylic display case. Like most TLV this has no opening parts but unlike TLV this does not roll.

Overall I am glad to add this casting in my Advan collection.

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