Hot Sixty 4th: A UPS Truck on Cyber Truck Monday

Not a Tesla by the way

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. It's Cyber Monday and that means online orders of discounted merchandise and what better way to shipped them than UPS. So for my 2nd post in Drivetribe and 248th total post we will look at the new 2019 Mack Anthem Highway Long Haul by Greenlight under their SD Trucks series 7.

I haven't kept track of new Greenlight releases so imagine my surprise when this thing pops out for me while browsing on the die cast pegs in Hobby Lobby.

The SD Trucks series release 7 comes in 3 different Mack trucks sets. The 2 other Mack are the 2019 Mack Granite Cement Mixer and LR Front Load Refuse Truck.

On the plus side the realism of the truck at the front looks great specially with the UPS color and logo, realistic looking wheels, rubber tires, metal cab and smoke stack, mud flaps with the Mack logo and the dog ornament on the hood.

However my minor complain is the chassis is made of plastic but I can live with that as the cab is huge and fully metal. But here's where I am greatly disappointed and what I don't understand is why Greenlight made a non functioning 5th wheel instead of a functioning one like M2. This made it look almost 1 dimensional which ruins the realism of the truck as a whole.

The Mack B-61 and Mack Anthem

Modern trucks are a lot bigger these days.

I borrowed the trailer from the B-61 and it was too low on the Anthem compare to the one below.

There is however an alternative for the Greenlight Anthem and is released by First Gear which is probably comparable in terms of realism and price with TLV.

Other than those shortcomings I truly am satisfied with the Greenlight truck and it looks good with the B-61.

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  • for the price, the GL in UPS brown isn't bad, especially for background scenes, but i've got to go with First Gear for starring roles...

      1 year ago