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Hot Sixty 4th: Comfort Hong Kong Taxi

A timeless taxi used in Hong Kong (Hotsixty4th Toyota crown Tiny)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. If you are new to the brand Tiny, this is a Hong Kong company that is dedicated to issuing vehicles used in Hong Kong. And if this casting looks familiar it is because it's the same car brand used as a taxi in Japan that I posted weeks ago. And so for my 124th post In Drivetribe and 370th total post I bring you the #45 Toyota Crown Comfort Taxi by Tiny.


If you remember, the casting made by Tomica has a single opening passenger door while Tiny has the opening on both sides on the front.

The wheels used on this is more realistic than the Tomica one and includes rubber tires. Both have suspension.

Although both uses plastic chrome on the front for both headlights and grille, Tiny has more detail on the front grille.

Also Tiny included license plate on both front and back. Let's not forget the side mirrors on the Tiny Taxi.

Oh and one more thing. Tiny uses plastic chassis with screws while Tomica has metal base with rivets.

Packaging wise it is almost identical to TLV that also uses transparent plastic padding.

Although Tiny seems to be trying to emulate as close to TLV detail as possible I felt it is midway there with added opening feature that you don't normally find in TLV and with a price much more affordable. Also there castings are not all consistently 1/64 so you may need to look at their website to verify the scale.

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