Hot Sixty 4th: Invasion of the Square Body (snatchers)

Featuring the terrifying trims of Bonanza, Cheyenne and Silverado. Oh my! (hotsixty4th Chevrolet Fleetside)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. It's time to take a break from TLV and focus on... what was that? No I'm not writing about the original classic or remake of that famous horror movie. I'm writing about the good old American muscle and for my 66th post in Drivetribe and 312th total post, I bring you the 70s Chevrolet square body pickups by Auto World.

In the die cast world, a casting is either the most desirable or a peg warmer. Once it becomes the former, other manufacturers will start making them as well. The Chevrolet square body is one such casting. The popularity seems to have started with Hot Wheels 80s square body truck. Then last year M2, Auto World and Greenlight announced that they were coming up with their square body version. With this many manufacturers making them you would think there will be an (invasion err...) abundance of trucks in the pegs. But before you can say ‘hallelujah’, you’ll be wondering why the pegs are still missing these wonderful trucks. All I can say is that it might be an invasion of would be collectors or worst in this case, scalpers.

This is where you choose your battle. Go and seek several stores every week or order online. I did the former.

I was a little late in the game so I'm making up for it with these 3 new arrivals.

First one is the 1977 Cheyenne C10.

2nd is the 1977 Bonanza C10.

And the 3rd is the new tooling 1978 Chevy K10 Silverado.

The Silverado casting is the first release of a lifted chassis with off road tires by Auto World. The K10 designation indicates 4 wheel drive.

This Cheyenne is Auto World's release 2 version B and is the 2nd highest trim level in the Chevy pickup family.

The Bonanza is Auto World's first use of 1977 C10 truck tooling. The C10 denotes rear wheel drive. This trim was a result of a year-end promotion where you essentially get "free" extra options.

There are differences on the tailgate based on the year.

Unlike most other manufacturers of 1/64, Auto World included opening tailgates.

And opening hoods showing off their engines.

Like most mid to high premium 1/64, the body and chassis are metal with rubber tires and realistic looking wheels. From here each manufacturer chooses their destiny as to what features they want to implement. Auto World decides to use paint on their head and taillights while TLV uses lens. Auto World chooses to mold the under chassis spare tire with the chassis while TLV uses an actual tire and wheel. Auto World chooses to have opening hood feature on most casting while TLV rarely had any castings with opening feature. Auto World starting price is around $5.00 while TLV commands around $19. But in the end both are true 1/64.

As a bonus, if you like Metal flake paint, check out the Cheyenne under the sunlight.

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Comments (7)

  • Shop teacher would love this post. Great pictures my friend

      1 month ago
  • Auto world is such an amazing Die-cast brand! There making a C8 corvette soon with an opening hood! Now that’s commitment from an underrated brand!

      1 month ago
    • Yeah they should start making them more available overseas like Greenlight as you rarely see this brand in Asia and Europe.

        1 month ago
  • Those are fantastic!! 😍😍😍 Now, about the Scottsdale trim they've omitted...😉

      1 month ago