Hot Sixty 4th: Matchbox does classic milk truck

A classic delivery truck with moving parts (hotsixty4th Divco Matchbox)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. They don't built trucks like this anymore and never thought Matchbox is going to bring this out. So for my 115th post In Drivetribe and 361st total post I bring you the DIVCO Milk truck by Matchbox under their moving parts series.

If this casting looked a bit familiar in the die cast world then I would say that you are right. The first DIVCO look alike in 1/64 was also by Mattel under their Hot Wheels brand. Another brand that came out with this is Jada. And now Matchbox came out with a stock version.

Best known for delivering milk to homes, DIVCO stands for Detroit Industrial Vehicles COmpany and was marketed from 1926 to 1986. The design below was introduced in 1937 featuring a welded all-steel van body and a snub-nosed hood. This even allowed driving while standing, including throttle and brake mounted on the steering column.


Costing twice than a regular Matchbox I would think that Mattel would at least put some tampo on the front as it really looks bare and hard to photograph the detail.

Although the series is called 'Moving Parts' and I emphasized the 's', the doors on both sides are actually static.

The only moving parts is the double doors at the back and unlike the Lesney days, they are now made of plastic. The chassis is plastic as well.

Although I was a bit critical of this casting, i am still thankful to Mattel for having Matchbox bring out this nice classic gem.

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