HOT SIXTY 4TH: Matchbox does Retro 2

A travel back in time to the Lesney days (hotsixty4th volkswagen lesney)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. Based on the #67 casting which first appeared in the 1968 vintage Matchbox catalog, Mattel seems to be targeting adult collectors who grew up with Lesney Matchbox and i found this retro casting at Michael's around December 2018. So for my 102nd post In Drivetribe and 348th total post I bring you the 1965 Volkswagen type 3 Fastback by Matchbox Moving Parts

Unlike the previous post of their most recent retro, the artwork on this packaging is geared more to promoting the opening parts that were available under Lesney. The retail price for this is around $2 - $3 which is double or more than the mainline.

It has tampos on both front and back with plastic wheels. Now that you've seen several angles of the casting let's see how it compares to the Lesney released below.


Although based on the #67 casting, there are still some differences between Lesney and Mattel casting. Can you spot them?

Now a peak on their opening feature and interior.

The dash and steering wheel are definitely different. For me I like the Lesney one as the steering looks more realistic while Mattel molded the steering with the dash as one and does not look anything like a steering wheel at all.

For the chassis, the Mattel version has more detail but is made of plastic. I wished they had chrome on it since it's in the artwork and the real car has chrome bumpers. The Lesney one does have metal but no detail.

Of course this was a period when Mattel launched their Hot Wheels brand with their colorful cars and fast rolling wheels. Lesney felt their sales going down and so have to retool their wheels to bring out their own version of fast rolling wheels naming it Superfast and most castings that made it to the 1969 catalog went thru the transition and this casting is one of them.

Here is another Volkswagen 1600 TL with Superfast wheels.

So for the opening feature and plastic base I think the price is still worth it as the body and opening doors are still metal just like a mainline Tomica which cost more.

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