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Hot Sixty 4th: Matchbox does retro 4

A classic Land Rover from the 60s has been revived (hotsixty4th Landrover lesney)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this classic Land Rover in green at Fivebelow while on another trip to Southern CA. For one I wasn't aware that Mattel already released the green version as the first one released was the blue color which I am happy to acquired. So for my 113th post In Drivetribe and 359th total post I bring you the 1965 Land Rover Gen II by Matchbox.

The original Lesney Matchbox Land Rover first appeared in a 1966 catalog as #12 Safari Land Rover in green.

Here is my collection of the original Lesney version.

Here is the comparison between the 2.

As usual there are some differences between the two and the most obvious one is the Mattel version has black out glazing while the Lesney version is see thru. It looks like Mattel did not include an interior. Below is the interior on the Lesney version.


Here is where the Mattel version wins hands down on the front as it included tampo while the Lesney version did not even include the silver paint on the grill and headlights.

The Mattel version again has tampo which is missing from the Lesney version. However the Lesney version did include a plastic hitch which broke off a long time ago.

Plastic chassis on the Mattel version with some detail.

Metal chassis on the Lesney version with no detail.

Here is the Mattel blue version. The Lesney version first appeared in 1967 and transitioned all the way to the Superfast wheels.

Last comparison and you can see that Mattel did try to imitate the cargos on the roof with the Lesney version but again there are subtle differences. Also the casting on the Mattel version is slightly longer.

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