- 2 Fords in one package

For those of you who are reading my Hot Sixty 4th series, I always indicate the post number so we will know how many post I have made. Now my dilemma is whether to reset my number or continue the count from Kinja.

To solve my dilemma I decided to have 2 sets of numbering system. So for my 1st post in Drivetribe and 247th total post we will look at the new 1966 Ford C-950 & 1968 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet by M2 under their AutoHauler series.

So this is the first time M2 has released a flatbed truck with a bonus car rather than their usual tractor trailer. Unlike previous releases where M2 indicates the name of the series, this one only indicate it as Ford Performance but since it came in the same packaging as their AutoHaulers I will still be using that name for now.

The truck and the detail on it looks decent but I am bothered by the stance as I don't think a 1:1 has this big of a gap between the cab and tire.

And now the comparison between the Ford and Nissan.

As you can see, there is no doubt that unlike other flatbed releases made by other companies which are usually small in size compared to the actual 1/64, this bed can really fit most if not all of your castings including the Atlas. Of course the Atlas is a smaller truck so the size is still true 1/64.

However I was disappointed on the lack of moving parts specially the bed where M2 could easily make it slide and lowered like the TLV Nissan Atlas above.

Of course let's not forget the Cobra that came with it. A lot of collectors complained that M2 usually makes their casting slightly bigger than 1/64. Let's now see how it fits in the Atlas.

Quite tight which makes the truck look smaller. However since TLV is known for true 1/64 let's get an equivalent car from AutoWorld which also claims to be true 1/64.

AutoWorld 60's Mustang

AutoWorld 60's Mustang

It does seem a bit smaller and to evenly compare the 2, let's do a side by side.

And the proof is in the photo.

And here is the AutoWorld Mustang on the Ford flatbed.

For me I was excited to see a vintage truck with a flatbed and a long bed as well and unlike the Greenlight released static IH flatbed I was hoping this would come with moving parts. But M2 decided to follow Greenlight and not include the sliding bed option which for me is the fun part of owning a flatbed car transporter collection.

In conclusion even though I am a fan of flatbed trucks I would not necessarily recommend this specially if you already accumulated a few and want one with working parts. If you are just starting and on a budget then this is a good start since price starts at around $17.95 and it comes with both the truck and car but the Atlas alone will cost more than twice.

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