Hot Sixty 4th: Overseas UPS Delivery Van

A look at a Toyota HiAce HK UPS Van (hotsixty4th)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. There are many types of UPS trucks that we see in the US but the most common one is the Grumman Olson/Navistar package car. But what type of delivery truck are used overseas? Is it identical to ours or different? Let's find out so for my 75th post in Drivetribe and 321st total post, I present to you the Toyota HiAce UPS Delivery Van by Tiny.

So here is the life of a UPS driver doing their routine delivery. But of course most of you already knew that so let's concentrate on the vehicle used. This is a Toyota HiAce that is used in Japan and parts of Asia. This particular vehicle is a Hong Kong UPS van.

So Tiny is a Hong Kong based company that makes diecast of cars, trucks, dioramas, and figurines. Their die cast scale are 1/64 and 1/43 with some 1/76. Most of their 1/64 castings are not labeled 1/64 as they are not always consistent unlike TLV. Their castings are usually cars and commercial vehicles that are used in Hong Kong.

The HiAce comes with rubber tires, opening tailgate and just like Tomica, suspension as well for less than TLV. The headlights are inserted while the taillights are painted. The chassis is plastic. I'm guessing the scale is 1/64 or close to it.

The UPS logo is clearly displayed at the front, rear and side of the van and includes the license plate.

It comes with cardboard box like the old Lesney Matchbox and Tomica and is wrap in plastic with 2 blister padding to keep the vehicle from rolling inside. If you collect either HiAce or UPS memorabilia, this will be a great addition.

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