Hot Sixty 4th: The Big Tanker

"Well hello there little fella." (hotsixty4th International Workstar Greenlight)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. It's seldom that we get to see a true 1/64 fuel tanker so for my 74th post in Drivetribe and 320th total post, I present to you the 2018 International Workstar Tanker Truck by Greenlight under the SD trucks series 8.

So anybody here collects this type of casting? Most likely not much but let's see if this is something you might get into if you are still on the fence.

The first thing I notice is there are a lot of chrome plated parts on this. We got chrome front grill, chrome frame on the headlights, chrome bumper, chrome exhaust stack, chrome side mirrors and chrome fuel tank. It has painted front and back lights.

The Texaco logo is clearly printed on the tanker and doors. It comes with ladders on the rear and has the 1203 hazmat code at the rear and side of the truck. This thing also has plenty of tires with 2 axle dually, a lifted axle and the front totaling 12 tires.

It has an opening rear to reveal the pump control and valve control lever. It is however a bit difficult to open unless you have something to open it with.

I notice that since the wheels are in chrome if you look at it depending on where the light is coming from you might notice that there is no depth to the detail even if it is there.

So I did a bit of weathering.

As for the material that was used, the cab and the chassis are metal and the tanker is plastic including the mud flaps.

Again to emphasized how big the tanker truck is, I placed it besides these Mini Coopers.

I can say that Greenlight did a great job in giving us a casting that may be only for the niche market but certainly a pleasure to have the option to collect such casting.

PS I heard that SD stands for Severe Duty.

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Comments (3)

  • Fantastic casting indeed!

      8 months ago
  • I have the Shell version. Great review of this one.

      8 months ago