Hot Sixty 4th: The Evolving Police Cars 2

The Bronco is back with a new look (hotsixty4th Greenlight)

Welcome to Hot Sixty 4th where I showcase DLM 1/64 and smaller and sometimes slightly larger. A look at another Bronco from the police department. As they say, if the police uses it again it must be because it keeps on galloping so for my 78th post in Drivetribe and 324th total post, I present to you the 1995 Ford Bronco from Greenlight under their Hot Pursuit series 35.

Unlike the previous Bronco which uses the original Chrome bumper, this went for a non-factory installed push bumper that included a winch which looks realistic but is static. This also has bar lights on top and license plate. It has inserted front lens and painted rear lights. It also have beefy tires but the stance is not as high as the Hot Wheels.

This has a removable back roof like a camper shell that are used on a pickup. A nice way of seeing the interior as well. The roof is made of plastic and I believe is part of the glaze and was just painted to make it look like a roof. What I don't like about this is not only is it fragile but it did not come with something to snap on the body so it is going to be loose if you roll it. This is definitely not something you want to give to your kids. Also noticed that this does not come with a spare.

I felt that the police livery is nicely done and I really like the metal bumper with the winch on it. Rugged looking and definitely a nice addition to my collection.

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